Restek - Your Rock For Remediation

Restek is a specialist concrete and ground remediation company established in 2013, with the capability to deliver full turn key projects nationally. Restek’s focus is on three main sectors; Infrastructure, Commercial & Residential. Restek’s unique deep depth Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), identifies the full extent of the problem beneath the ground, ensuring blind spots and guess work are eliminated when identifying the remedial solution needed. We offer remedial solutions that are value engineered for our clients and we can validate our decisions to the client, throughout the project using our LIVE deep depth GPR system.

Unlike our competitor’s, Restek’s GPR system offers highways & OnTrack rail specific options, deep depth results and blended data using our bespoke software to ensure precise, accurate and reliable data results. Restek’s industry experience and vast portfolio of remedial services sets us apart from the competition and ensures our projects run smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

Since 2021, Restek has been an EOT (Employee Ownership Trust). This has ensured that our team benefits from having a stake in the business & everyone has their say on key decisions that drive our success.

Key Concrete & Ground Remediation Services:


• GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

• GPR for Rail – Specialist Rail Surveys

• GPR for Roads – Specialist Highways Surveys

• Trackbed Stabilisation 

• Pavement / Carriageway Rehabilitation

• Ground Stabilisation/Remediation

• Slab Jacking / Lifting

• Underpinning Traditional & Resin Injection

• Resin Grouting & Void Filling

• Concrete Remediation

• Carbon Fibre Structural Strengthening

• Structural & Barrier Waterproofing

• Cathodic Protection

• Crack Repair

• Spray Concrete

• Curtain Injections

• Joint Sealing

• Floor Screeds & Levelling

• Surface Coatings

• Industrial Surface Cleaning – Doffing & Quill Blasting

• Hand Placed Concrete Repair – Pointing, Rendering