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Crack Repair & Remediation Services


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Restek’s specialist concrete remediation team undertake all aspects of concrete repair. We provide value engineered solutions to problems caused by movement, water ingress, vegetation growth, accidental damage & general wear and tear. Our specialist engineers will identify the cause of the problem by site inspection with a combination of traditional testing methods and the latest deep depth Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to get to the root of the problem. When the relevant data has been assessed, we tailor make a value-engineered solution to address the issues being suffered by the client.


Why is concrete remediation typically required?


The corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete is the single biggest cause of concrete deterioration. This is caused by two factors: carbonation, leading to loss of concrete alkalinity and chloride attack from de-icing agents or seawater which break down the protective oxide film of the steel.

Moisture and oxygen can cause expansive corrosion up to eight times greater than the original steel, which can lead to concrete cracking, de-lamination, and spalling. We are approved applicators for many leading material manufacturers in the UK, including Sika, Fosroc, Cemex and Normet. Our highly trained personnel have repaired a wide variety of structures, from bridges and high rise office blocks to dams and weirs. Operations include defective concrete removal, surface preparation, levelling, spray applications, mortar works, crack-bridging, anti-carbonation coatings, carbon fibre plate reinforcement and crack stitching with Helifix solutions.

The materials we work with are suitable for a wide range of building and repair needs, especially where excellent bonding, high strength and abrasion resistance is essential for permanent repairs to spalled or damaged concrete.


Resin Injection - Liverpool Docks

Our extensive remediation portfolio offers solutions

to the following issues:


• Ground stabilisation & cracking

• Additional structural strengthening requirements

• Leak sealing, weatherproofing & waterproofing through cracking or erosion

• Floor damage requiring stabilisation, levelling or resurfacing

• Crack, de-lamination & spalling due to weather ingress, movement or vegetation growth

• Damage to commercial buildings, car parks, bridges, tunnels, utility systems & basements from water ingress, accidental & high volume usage damage

• Decorative structures & listed building deterioration due to age & weathering

• Cracking issues from corrosion, oxidisation or covering failure such as blown render

• Surface problems including dirt, contamination or being no longer fit for purpose

Key Remediation Services – Commercial Sector:


• Deep Depth Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

• General Site Survey, Full Conditional Structural Surveys, Window Sampling, Pull, Carbonation, Hammer & Cover Meter Surveys

• Ground Remediation by Resin Injection

• Void & Compaction Grouting

• Crack Repair by Stitched Resin Injection

• Structural Strengthening with Carbon Fibre – FRP

• Structural Strengthening by Resin Injection

• Rebar – Breaking Out, Protection Application, Reinstatement & Surface Finishes

• Waterproofing & Damp Proofing by Resin Injection, Membrane or Epoxy Coating application

• Joint, Curtain & Foundation Pit Injection Sealing

• Fairing Coats, Rendering & Pointing

• Floor levelling, Screeding & Epoxy Coatings

• Surface Preparation & Cleaning – High Pressure Doffing & Quilling