Crack Repair & Remediation Services

The Infrastructure sector:

Crack Repair & Remediation Services


Restek – Your ROCK For Remediation

Restek undertakes all aspects of concrete repair for problems caused by subsidence, ground movement and water ingress through concrete cracking, vegetation growth, accidental damage & general wear and tear. Our specialists will identify the cause of the problem by conditional surveys, site inspection and traditional testing methods combined with our deep depth GPR for ground remediation.

Each project is designed, programmed & delivered by Restek’s team of specialist remediation engineers and in-house project managers. This ensures every project runs smoothly from start to finish, is delivered to the agreed schedule and remediation results can be validated throughout the project using Restek’s GPR services. Restek has a comprehensive range of remediation services that allows us to offer full turnkey solutions that are delivered on time, efficiently value engineered and are reliably carried out by experienced engineers to extremely high standards.


Our extensive remediation portfolio offers solutions

to the following issues:


• Ground stabilisation, slab lifting, resurfacing & remediation

• Issues requiring additional structural strengthening

• Leak sealing, weatherproofing & waterproofing with barrier, integral & drained solutions

• Crack, de-lamination & spalling issues

• Deterioration of stations, platforms, bus stops, ports, locks, parking, runways, tunnels & bridges

Issues with corrosion, oxidisation & water ingress

Surface problems such as dirt, contamination & no longer fit for purpose


Key Remediation Services -Infrastructure Sector: 


• Deep depth ground penetrating radar (GPR)

• General site survey

• Full conditional structural surveys

• Window sampling, Pull, Carbonation, Hammer & Cover Meter surveys

• Ground remediation by resin injection

• Void & Compaction grouting

• Crack repair by stitched resin injection

• Installation of Helifix tie systems

• Structural strengthening with carbon fibre FRP

• Structural strengthening by resin injection

• Rebar – Breaking out, protection application, reinstatement & surface finishes

• Waterproofing & damp proofing with resin injection & epoxy coatings

• Joint, Curtain & Foundation Pit Injection Sealing

• Fairing coats, rendering & pointing

• Restricted access concrete remediation

• Surface preparation & cleaning – High pressure doffing & quilling