Structural Strengthening

Structural Strengthening

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Laminates & Wraps (FRP)

Restek offers a comprehensive range of solutions for structural strengthening using FRP products. The key advantages of specifying FRP products are ease of application and speed of installation due to the products being lightweight, so heavy lifting gear and support equipment is not required. FRP products can be utilised in a wide variety of applications, ensuring quick and efficient installation.

Specifying carbon fibre reinforced polymer products for structural strengthening and load bearing adds value by providing a reduction in unnecessary volume and weight, therefore reducing free space. FRP products are not bulky, ensuring minimal loss of head height, low visible impact and are cost effective due to the speed & ease of application.

High Performance Concrete (HPC) and FRP Solutions

Value engineered structural strengthening often requires a combination of products to be specified, to achieve the desired value and performance. HPC is a High Performance Concrete that can be mixed with a range of fibres to enhance flexural, shear & axial structural strengthening.

HPC and FRP can be specified together as their structural strengthening properties compliment each other, but the application of one may be more suitable in certain areas than the other. For example, HPC can be applied to the bottom of columns to allow FPR wraps to be applied to the top of the columns and FRP laminates to be used to strengthen the underside of the beams to achieve the project specification.

Fibre-Reinforced Polymers Specification:


• Reinforcement of beams, columns, arches & slabs

• Plates, U-wrap, U-wrap anchored & fully wrapped FRP

• High Performance Concrete (HPC) applications

• Full and partial HPC jackets

• Flexural, shear & axial strengthening

• Pull testing to identify bond capacity

• HPC & FRP combined solutions


Pull testing to maximise product performance


FRP laminates and wraps are bonded to existing beams or columns, we carry out pull tests to ensure the existing concrete is in a good solid condition. Pull testing is essential to achieve the maximum structural strengthening capacity of the carbon fibre reinforced laminates and wraps.


Restek’s Unique Approach

Restek’s value engineering capabilities for projects ensure every part of the scheme brief is achieved. We are unique in our approach as we provide a tailored solution using a variety of products and application

techniques, to meet every aspect of the project specification and client’s requirements.